How to Invite Collaborators on Instagram After Posting?

How to Invite Collaborators on Instagram After Posting

Last Updated on June 22, 2023

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms to share millions of photos or videos. Instagram collaboration posts will allow users to share videos or posts with other accounts. This feature will be beneficial as it attracts more views from the viewers of the original author and also the co-author.

  • To collaborate with other accounts, the original author has to send a request to another user whom they want as their collaborator.
  • The original author can remove the post whenever they want and also add any details to the post. If the author removes the post or videos then it will automatically be removed from the collaborator.
  • Private account users cannot collaborate with other accounts. For that, the user has to switch their account to a professional account.
  • The primary creator is the individual who created the reel. If the original creator blocks the collaborator, the collaboration will culminate and vice-versa.
  • The collaborator has the right to quit the collaboration at any point in time. Yet, the reel or video will always be preserved on the actual creator’s profile.
  • If the original creator reverses their account to a private account only their supporters can see the reel.

Steps to Collab your post on Instagram:

You can collaborate your posts on Instagram by following the steps below. But note that you can collaborate with only one person on Instagram.

  1. Upload your feed post or reel on Instagram. Select the share screen icon and then tap Tag People.
  2. From the bottom right corner, the option Invite Collaborator is present.
  3. After tapping this icon, search for the name with whom you want to collaborate and choose them.
  4. After choosing the collaborator, share the post in your Instagram feed.
  5. The person would get a notification on their DMs for them to accept it. Until they give permission, the post will not appear on their feed.

You can only add the collaboration partners before publishing the posts unlike tagging, which can even be done after posting.

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How to accept a collaboration?

Before accepting the collaboration, first, you need to accept the request from the person. Then only you can collaborate with the posts once they approve the request.

  1. If anybody has requested a collaboration with your account, you receive any request for collaboration in your DM.
  2. You can hit the accept button to share the posts in your account, which can be viewable from both accounts.

Benefits of using collab feature

There are multiple reasons to collaborate your posts with others. Let’s discuss the top three benefits. 

Extends your reach and views:

Discoverability is a huge bonus of Instagram collaborations with other accounts. More audience can be reached with just one post, not only from your side account but furthermore reach additional eyes from other accounts.

For brands, collaborating with a founder introduces the product to unique potential.

Gain Attention

If you share a post between two accounts of various audiences, the possibility of earning more likes, saves, comments, and shares.

An increased engagement rate indicates that your supporters are relishing your content. when Instagram senses increased concentration on your profile, there is more likely to get a reward from the Instagram account. Rewards are obtained in the form of currency that the collaborators can share among themselves.

Save time 

Instead of broadcasting the same posts across different profiles, you can share the posts only once to save a lot of time through collaborating. 

The advantage is that you and the collaborator can engage and look into the questions all in a single place, saving time. This in turn gives you the control to collaborate with simplicity by having mutual control over the posts.

Instagram Collaborator gives you an opportunity to reach out to more people by collaborating with like-minded creators. This is a sure shot key to quick success and quality lead generation. 

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